To have a successful recruiting strategy, we must create a clearly defined Recruitment and Hiring Process utilizing a multi-step process. Steps may include:

  1. Advertising our open positions to attract a diverse candidate pool, including:
    1. The appropriate Employment Service Delivery System (ESDS).
    2. Professional Organizations
    3. Publications
    4. Associations representing diversity groups
    5. Job Fairs
    6. Utilizing our professional networks
  2. Evaluate all open position job descriptions to ensure accurate detailing of the position, job duties and competencies, and required minimum qualifications.
  3. Meet with HR to discuss current placement goals as outlined in your current Affirmative Action Plan, discuss current demographic make-up, and the current availability in the labor market based on census information to strategize on increasing outreach.
  4. Closely monitor the diversity of applicant pool. If you find that it is lacking, consider increasing outreach efforts to protected classes.
  5. Have all applicants apply officially via Applicant Tracking System. This will streamline the hiring process while capturing the required applicant information and save time for every department.
  6. Ensure recordkeeping obligations are being met.
    1. Maintain all expressions of interest (resumes/applications) for all applicants considered for the position for a period of 3 years.
    2. Maintain separate files for applications and self-identification forms.
  7. Remember, while you have placement goals, your ultimate goal is to hire the most qualified applicant and defend our hiring decisions.