Business Function Affirmative Action Responsibility Outsourcing Support Offered by HudsonMann
Executive Understand highest levels of affirmative action commitment Working with corporate HR representatives, provide consultation, training and resources to ensure executives have meaningful understanding of Federal contractor affirmative action responsibilities
Corporate HR Understand affirmative action regulations and liabilitiesEstablish and maintain corporate affirmative action/EEO policies and forms

Designate affirmative action plan and programs responsibility

Coordinate Federal reporting (EEO-1, VETS-100)Ensure disabled access at facility level

Working with corporate HR representatives, set up initial conference to review current plan structure and processesReview current policies and forms providing samples and recommendations as necessary

Prepare “Corporate Executive Overview” and review areas of potential liability with appropriate HR management

Provide training opportunities throughout the year

Educate corporate personnel on affirmative action programs

Provide national, regional and state compliance updates in the form of newsletters and emails

Monitor/assist with EEO-1 and VETS-100 reporting regulations

AAP Manager/EEO Coordinator Prepare Federally required reports, analyses and documentationEnsure distribution of AAP facility notifications

Disseminate and manage policies and forms

Coordinate training (supervisors, recruiters, hiring managers)Prepare action-oriented programs

Review problem areas and solutions

Maintain required records

Respond to OFCCP Compliance Review notifications

Working with individual AAP Managers/EEO Coordinators, coordinate initial conferences to review affirmative action policies, forms and recordkeeping requirementsProvide all required affirmative action reports and narratives

Upon delivery of plans, review “Executive Overview” as part of the problem areas and solutions portion of AAP to help limit potential liability

Work with AAP Manager to develop action-oriented programs in response to affirmative action goals

Provide reporting and consulting assistance for OFCCP compliance reviews

Act as liaison with OFCCP on behalf of AAP Manager


Business Function Affirmative Action Responsibility Outsourcing Support Offered by HudsonMann
Talent Acquisition/Recruiting Understand and follow OFCCP definition of applicant and recordkeeping requirementsEnsure compliance with Federal job posting requirements

Monitor third-party recruiting agreements

Working with Talent Acquisition/Recruiting representatives, ensure recruiting process allows for compliance with Federal regulationsConsult with recruiting staff regarding importance of data management techniques, applicant definition, record retention, Applicant Tracking System, disposition of candidates

Assist in understanding of how to minimize potential liabilities

Advise on third-party recruiting agreements, job postings and database search requirements

Compensation/Benefits Conduct required annual compensation analysis Working with Compensation and Benefits representatives, provide consultation, reporting and resources to ensure understanding of OFCCP policies regarding compensation systems
IT/IS Maintain and provide EEO data (e.g. race/ethnicity, sex)Ensure corporate website compatibility with Applicant Tracking System Working with representatives of IT/IS, set up initial conference call to review data requirementsInform IT of revisions to data capture requirements

Consult on Applicant Tracking System processes

Contracts/Procurement Ensure contracts and purchase orders include EEO clauseMonitor Federal contracts Working with representatives of Contracts/Procurement, consult on affirmative action/EEO contract language requirementsReview current EEO clause providing sample language if necessary
Managers/Supervisors Understand affirmative action policies, goals and associated liabilities Working with AAP Coordinators, provide consultation and resources for managers’ AAP/EEO trainingProvide AAP/EEO online training for managers and supervisors