Business Function Affirmative Action Responsibility Outsourcing Support Offered by HudsonMann
  • Understand highest levels of affirmative action commitment
  • Working with corporate HR representatives, provide consultation, training and resources to ensure executives have meaningful understanding of Federal contractor affirmative action responsibilities
Corporate HR
  • Understand affirmative action regulations and liabilities
  • Establish and maintain corporate affirmative action/EEO policies and forms
  • Designate affirmative action plan and programs responsibility
  • Coordinate Federal reporting (EEO-1, VETS-4212)
  • Ensure disabled access at facility level
  • Working with corporate HR representatives, set up initial conference to review current plan structure and processes
  • Review current policies and forms providing samples and recommendations as necessary
  • Prepare “Corporate Executive Overview” and review areas of potential liability with appropriate HR management
  • Provide training opportunities throughout the year
  • Educate corporate personnel on affirmative action programs
  • Provide national, regional and state compliance updates in the form of newsletters and emails
  • Monitor/assist with EEO-1 and VETS-100 reporting regulations
AAP Manager/EEO Coordinator
  • Prepare Federally required reports, analyses and documentation
  • Ensure distribution of AAP facility notifications
  • Disseminate and manage policies and forms
  • Coordinate training (supervisors, recruiters, hiring managers)
  • Prepare action-oriented programs
  • Review problem areas and solutions
  • Maintain required records
  • Respond to OFCCP Compliance Review notifications
  • Working with individual AAP Managers/EEO Coordinators, coordinate initial conferences to review affirmative action policies, forms and recordkeeping requirements
  • Provide all required affirmative action reports and narratives
  • Upon delivery of plans, review “Executive Overview” as part of the problem areas and solutions portion of AAP to help limit potential liability
  • Work with AAP Manager to develop action-oriented programs in response to affirmative action goals
  • Provide reporting and consulting assistance for OFCCP compliance reviews
  • Act as liaison with OFCCP on behalf of AAP Manager
Business Function Affirmative Action Responsibility Outsourcing Support Offered by HudsonMann
Talent Acquisition/Recruiting
  • Understand and follow OFCCP definition of applicant and recordkeeping requirements
  • Ensure compliance with Federal job posting requirements
  • Monitor third-party recruiting agreements
  • Working with Talent Acquisition/Recruiting representatives, ensure recruiting process allows for compliance with Federal regulations
  • Consult with recruiting staff regarding importance of data management techniques, applicant definition, record retention, Applicant Tracking System, disposition of candidates
  • Assist in understanding of how to minimize potential liabilities
  • Advise on third-party recruiting agreements, job postings and database search requirements
  • Conduct required annual compensation analysis
  • Working with Compensation and Benefits representatives, provide consultation, reporting and resources to ensure understanding of OFCCP policies regarding compensation systems
  • Maintain and provide EEO data (e.g. race/ethnicity, sex)
  • Ensure corporate website compatibility with Applicant Tracking System
  • Working with representatives of IT/IS, set up initial conference call to review data requirements
  • Inform IT of revisions to data capture requirements
  • Consult on Applicant Tracking System processes
  • Ensure contracts and purchase orders include EEO clause
  • Monitor Federal contracts
  • Working with representatives of Contracts/Procurement, consult on affirmative action/EEO contract language requirements
  • Review current EEO clause providing sample language if necessary
  • Understand affirmative action policies, goals and associated liabilities
  • Working with AAP Coordinators, provide consultation and resources for managers’ AAP/EEO training
  • Provide AAP/EEO online training for managers and supervisors