OFCCP’s revisions made March 24, 2014 to affirmative action regulations created new self-identification requirements for federal contractors. The OFCCP encourages contractors to implement the new self-identification processes . Alternatively, contractors may opt to delay these processes until the start of their next AAP cycle. The self-identification requirements are broken down into two separate parts: Pre-Offer and Post- Offer.

Many of you may be getting ready to resurvey your workforce with the start of your new plan year. Whether you are posting it to your Intranet or emailing your current workforce, we are providing you some sample verbiage to make this process easier.

Due to the fact that (insert company name) is a Federal Contractor we are required, by law, to request that you complete the following documents. This is, of course, voluntarily. Even if you decide not to disclose any information, please checkmark “I chose not to self-identify” on the documents.

You have the opportunity to update your Race, Gender, Veteran, and Disability status at any point but you will be reminded again.

Thank you for assisting us!

You may find the updated forms either below or via your iPlans™ portal under Resources.

Race,Gender,Vet Status Form Disability ID Form